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Video Title: Promoting Social & Emotional Competence

Module 1: Classroom Preventive Practices


Video Clip 1.2 - "Circle Time Activity: Children not Engaged"

Teacher: Victoria, you need to have a seat, right? (to class) In the discovery table we're gonna watch babies, Alex and Chad, sit up please, criss-cross elbows, so you don't hurt your friends. (to class) In art, we're gonna lace up pockets, and you can put special stuff in your pockets.
Boy: Ms. Beck? Excuse me, Ms. Beck, I need to tell you something.
Teacher: Okay, just a minute. (to girl) Cross your legs. (to class) Alright. In the computer we're gonna have Ozzie World, and we're gonna have rhyming words, at the journals, and in the science center, we're gonna try to find some animals that have pockets. Some animals have pockets on them! And in the quiet book session - Chad, when you sit up you can hear better. Sit up and criss-cross your legs. We're gonna have Dr. Seuss books and we're gonna have a big book in the park.
Boy: But are we gonna play with the camera and share it?
Teacher: What camera?
Boy: The camera in that box.
Teacher: Oh - I can get it out for you later, but not right now. And then, we're gonna do lacing cards, at this little table.
Boy: Excuse me, Ms. Beck, I need to tell you something.
Teacher: In a minute, I need to finish this first. (to class) And then in kitchen and dress-up, we're gonna try to find clothes that have pockets in them. And then…
Boy: That's when you take us to Ms. Cary's room.
Teacher: That's right, you're right. And we're gonna do lacing cards at this table, we're gonna practice lacing in the cards, okay? Now what I want you to do, is I want - I want Cameron, and Emma, and Tony, and Ryan to go to the little table, and you can do your planning. And um, Miss Gina will call you.

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