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Video Title: Promoting Social & Emotional Competence

Module 1: Classroom Preventive Practices


Video Clip 1.4 - "Positive Attention"

Boy: I wanna get a color.
Teacher: Yes, you'll have to pick a color first.
Boy: Blue.
Teacher: Blue?
Boy: Yeah.
Teacher: What're you gonna put on blue?
Boy: Uh… a scarf.
Teacher: A blue scarf? Can you read the sentence for me?
Boy: Sure. I put on a blue scarf.
Teacher: Very good. Let's find his blue scarf. Are these scarves?
Boy: No.
Teacher: What are they?
Boy: Hats.
Teacher: Are these scarves?
Boy: No, they're boots.
Teacher: They're boots! These are scarves.
Boy: Yes!
Teacher: Okay. And what color do you have to put on?
Boy: Blue.
Teacher: Blue. Alright!
Boy: Can you push the sticker back?
Teacher: I'll slide this down. Wait, then you can put it on.
Boy: Thank you.
Teacher: Is it bothering you that it was up a little bit?
Boy: No.
Teacher: Okay. Where's it gonna go, on his what?
Boy: The neck.
Teacher: On his neck. Where's your neck?
Boy: Right here.
Teacher: Look, he has on a blue scarf. Alright. Your turn! Your turn. (pause) Kelly, what are you gonna put on? Pink! Pink boots? Put your color on first. Now hold the "my turn" part. There you go. Put on - Snowman's - Color first.
Kelly: Pink.
Teacher: I like how you turned it around, with the word on top, too. Boots. Pink boots, put on Snowman's pink boots. Should we find the boots?
Kelly: Oh, yeah.
Teacher: Tell me where they are. Boots?
Kelly: No.
Teacher: No?
Kelly: No… yes!
Teacher: Which one? Pink?
Kelly: Pink.
Teacher: You guys are so good with your colors.
Kelly: Booots…
Teacher: I'm so surprised. You all know your colors. Where are they gonna go?
Kelly: There are two more buttons.
Teacher: Something else needs to go on! What else has to go on?
Boy: Two more buttons.
Teacher: Two more buttons, and…
Boy: Um… orange.
Teacher: Orange. Okay. Can you put on the orange hat? Can you write the sentence?
Boy: Orange… hat.
Teacher: Very good. Read the sentence.
Boy: I…
Teacher: Put on.
Boy: Snowman's orange hat.
Teacher: Did you see how he switched it, he put 'hat' there first and then he switched it all by himself? He's very good! - (whispers) Orange.
Boy: This?
Teacher: Oh, look! Is that orange? There you go.
Boy: Orange hat.
Teacher: Look! Thumbs up! Good job! You did a good job!

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