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Module 3b

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Behavior Hypotheses

QuanWhen Quan is engaged in group play (on playground or during centers inside the classroom) and there is “competition” for certain toys (e.g., train set or magnet toys), he (almost always) gets verbally and physically aggressive, and he (sometimes) engages in property destruction to obtain/keep a desired item or activity. When this behavior occurs, children leave the play area and/or give up the item to Quan.

When a child or adult approaches Quan to greet him, Quan will almost always respond with verbal aggression (“I’m gonna kill you,” “I hate you”). When this behavior occurs, the child gains adult attention through a verbal reprimand, and the adult will then help him find something to play with.

When Quan’s mother announces that it is time to leave a preferred activity (transition from floor play to dinner), Quan will begin either throwing toys or ramming toys into objects, furniture, or other toys. When this behavior occurs, he prolongs the transition, and his mother will usually sit down and play with him for a while longer.

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