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Video Title: Promoting Social & Emotional Competence

Module 3b: Individualized Intensive Interventions: Developing a Behavior Support Plan


Video Clip 3b.2 - "Observing the Function of Behavior"

Boy1: (yells)
Boy2: I'm coming.
Boy1: You, get over it.
Boy2: Stop doing that. (pause) He tore my shoulder.
Teacher: What's going on, Cam? What is going on? You know what? Yes, I'll hold it for you. Alright, little tiny feet! That better? Let me tie it now, baby.
Mom: Do you want Brendan's turn? One, Joshua. Two, Brendan.
Brendan: Would you please…
Mom: Come on, come with me. Let's get the gold shirt.
Joshua: Stop. Gimme the…
Mom: Brendan… Whose turn is it?
Brendan: Brendan.
Mom: It's Joshua's turn. Joshua, sit down. (to Brendan) come with me. Do you want me to carry you?
Brendan: Carry me.
Mom: I'll carry you. Okay, let's go. You were gonna do the pool.
Mom: You ready?
Boy: No, I don't wanna go inside.
Mom: Wanna go inside? Let's go. You ready? Alright. You've got 10 seconds. Then we're going inside. Ready? Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one. Alright. Now we're going inside. Come on, stand up. Stand up.
Teacher: Kiss… give Mimi a kiss. Good job. Okay, we're gonna say bye-bye to Mimi. Bye-bye, Mimi! We'll see you tomorrow! Bye-bye! We're gonna do movement time! Movement time! Here we go! We're gonna do our dance.
Teacher2: Ryan, are you ready to dance? Wanna dance, Ryan? Yeah.
Teacher: Sit here and play with some balls. I'm gonna get you some balls. (pause) Ryan, do you need help? Do you need help? Help? Help? Let's get our shirt back on. Okay? There we go. Would you like to have a ball? Would you like to have a ball? Huh? What would you like? Ah. Oh, nice hug. Nice hug.

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