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Module 3b

Module 3b: Video Transcript

Video Title: Promoting Social & Emotional Competence

Module 3b: Individualized Intensive Interventions: Developing a Behavior Support Plan


Video Clip 3b.5 - "Teaching New Skills with Social Stories"

Teacher: And Sierra noticed, who's still waiting for a turn? Max and Cindy. It says here: I had a turn being Child of the Day.
Kid: When do I get…
Teacher: Who got a turn? Christian, Sierra, Gabby had a turn.
Gabby: No I'm not!
Teacher: Gabby, look! You had a turn being Child -
Gabby: No I don't!
Teacher: Who else had a turn?
Kid: I did.
Teacher: Emma, Benji, Dusty. But you know what, Gabby? Maybe you can dress the bears today. You know what?
Gabby: No! I'm not doing that!
Teacher: Here, let's read it. Well, you can. Let's look. I… let's read it first. I Can Sit Quietly. I can sit nicely in…
Max: Circle.
Teacher: Circle. Right, Max. Can you help her read it? My friends and teacher like it when my voice is quiet.
Girl: Remember when Nicholas was here?
Teacher: Turn the page. - Screaming hurts my friends' ears. I can sing in circle, I can laugh in circle, and I can say things in circle. Sometimes I feel like yelling, but yelling and screaming - what? - hurt ears.
Girl: I'm not gonna scream.
Teacher: You're not gonna scream anymore?
Girl: No, I'm not.
Teacher: Wanna finish the book?

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