Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Resources: For Preservice Faculty

The following are sample syllabi showing how others have embedded the CSEFEL material/approach into coursework.

  Syllabus from Pikes Peak Community College
ECE 237: Theories and Techniques of Social and Emotional Growth
3 credit course
  Syllabus from Lakeshore Technical College
10-307-171: Behavior and Emotional Challenges
  Syllabus from University of Wisconsin
Educ 886: Individualized Intensive Interventions for Young Children: Social Emotional Development II
1 graduate credit
  Syllabus from Pellissippi State Technical Community College
Eced 2110: Advanced Learning Environments
3 credit hours
  Syllabus from Bristol Bay Campus
ECE F249: Current Issues in ECE: Positive Behavior Support Systems
3 credit hours

Higher Education Tools
The Pyramid Model Goes To College: Strategies for Building Relationships with Children, Families, and Colleagues Module 1

The Pyramid Model Goes To College: Building Positive Relationships with Children Module 1.1

The Pyramid Model Goes To College: Developing Friendship Skills Module 2

The Pyramid Model Goes To College: Enhancing Children's Emotional Literacy Module 2.2

The Pyramid Model Goes To College: Using Books To Support Social Emotional Development Module 2.3

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