Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Promoting Children's Success: Building Relationships and Creating Supportive Environments

Some Starters for Giving Positive Feedback and Encouragement for Effort, Thinking, and Problem Solving

  • You did a dynamite job of solving that problem…”
  • You have really learned how to…”
  • You must feel proud of yourself for…”
  • Excellent idea for…”
  • You’ve done a wonderful job at…”
  • See how _______has improved in…”
  • You have worked so hard…”
  • Look how well s/he did at…”
  • That’s a resourceful way of…”
  • WOW!! What a fabulous job you’ve done of…”
  • That’s a cool way to…”
  • I’m so appreciative that you…”
  • You put a lot of work in to make that picture the way you wanted…”
  • You’ve really grown up because you…”
  • You are a real problem solver for…”
  • Brilliant thinking for…”
  • Give me an EXTRA HUGE high five for…”
  • Tell me what you like best about your creation.”
  • Class, I have an announcement! Let’s all give a hip, hip hooray to _____ for _____”
  • I really appreciate the way all of you have your eye on the story and are listening so carefully so you don’t miss any part of the story.”

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