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Resources: Infant/Toddler Training Modules

Promoting Social and Emotional Competence: These modules were designed based on input gathered during focus groups with program administrators, T/TA providers, early educators, and family members about the types and content of training that would be most useful in addressing the social-emotional needs of young children. The content of the modules is consistent with evidence-based practices identified through a thorough review of the literature.

Modules last updated: July 2008
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Presenter's Presentation: PowerPoint PPT
Module Script PDF

1.1 Participant Powerpoint Slides PDF
1.2 Overview of Infant Toddler Modules PDF
1.3 Pyramid Model PDF
1.4 Addressing Challenging Behaviors in Infants and Toddlers PDF
1.5 Identifying Pyramid Practices PDF
1.6 Inventory of Practices
   Inventory of Practices - Foundational Assessment PDF
   Tool I PDF
   Tool II PDF
   Tool III PDF
   Tool IV PDF
1.7 CSEFEL Definition of Social Emotional Development PDF
1.8 Key Findings on Social Emotional Health and Brain Development PDF
1.9 Developmental Continuum PDF
1.10 Social Emotional Milestones Quiz PDF
1.11 Temperament Traits PDF
1.12 Temperament Continuum PDF
1.13 Temperament What Works Brief PDF
1.14 Temperament Booklet PDF
1.15 Examining Reactions PDF
1.16 Reframing Activity PDF
1.17 Reflective Inventory PDF
1.18 Attachment Relationships PDF
1.19 Symptoms of Depression PDF
1.20 Working with Families PDF
1.21 Planning for Change PDF
1.22 Session Evaluation PDF

Video Clips
1.1 Supporting Social Emotional Development Video
1.2 Supporting Self-Regulation Video
1.3 Biting Video
1.4 Caregiver's Thoughts IVideo
1.5 Caregiver's Thoughts II Video
1.6 Learning from Families Video
1.7 Infant Master Conversation Video
1.8 Supporting Attachment Video
1.9 Parent's Perspective Video



Presenter's Presentation: PowerPoint PPT
Module Script PDF

2.1 Overview of Infant Toddler Modules PDF
2.2 Participant Powerpoint Slides PDF
2.3 Identifying Pyramid Practices PDF
2.4 Pyramid Module PDF
2.5 Key Points from Module 1 PDF
2.6 Child Care in America PDF
2.7 Social Emotional Climate PDF
2.8 Responsive Routines Inventory PDF
2.9 Infant Toddler Environments Planning PDF
2.10 Emotional Literacy PDF
2.11 Using Books PDF
2.12 Sample Feelings Book PDF
2.13 Development of Play Skills PDF
2.14 Infant Toddler Peer Behavior PDF
2.15 Friendship Skills PDF
2.16 Planning for Change PDF
2.17 Summarizing the Training Experience PDF
2.18 Session Evaluation PDF

Video Clips
2.1 Promoting Social Emotional Development Video
2.2 Continuity of Care Video
2.3 Routines in Routines Video
2.4 Responsive Greeting Video
2.5 Responsive Routines Video
2.6 Adult Supporting Children Video
2.7 Using Books Video
2.8 Mom Playing with Toddler Video
2.9 Promoting Friendship Skills Video



Presenter's Presentation: PowerPoint PPT
Module Script PDF

3.1 Participant Powerpoint Slides PDF
3.2 Overview of Infant Toddler Modules PDF
3.3 Classroom Considerations PDF
3.4 Considering Circumstances PDF
3.5 Acting Out & Withdrawing Behaviors PDF
3.6 A Different Perspective PDF
3.7 What is My Perspective PDF
3.8 Responding to Infant Toddler Behavior PDF
3.9 Observation Documentation PDF
3.10 Getting to Know Michael PDF
3.11 Behavior Review PDF
3.12 Taking with Families PDF
3.13 Action Support Plan PDF
3.14 Maria Case Study PDF
3.15 Trainer Discussion Points PDF
3.16 Planning for Change PDF
3.17 Session Evaluation PDF

Video Clips
3.1 Biting Video
3.2 Looking at Behavior Video
3.3 Kaie and Muk Video
3.4 Muk Video
3.5 Observing Michael Video
3.6 Response to Challenging Behavior Video



Presenter's Presentation: PowerPoint PPT
Module Script PDF

4.1 Participant Powerpoint PPT
4.2 Participant Workbook PDF
4.3 Recommended Practices - Social Emotional and School Readiness PDF
4.4 Fact Sheet PDF
4.5 Recommended Practices - Challenging Behavior PDF
4.6 Recommended Practices - Infant Toddler Challenging Behavior PDF
4.7 Teaching Pyramid PDF
4.8 Inventory of Practices PDF
4.9 DEC Concept Paper PDF
4.10 Administrator's Essentials PDF
4.11 Resources for Leadership Strategies PDF
4.12 Collaborative Planning Model PDF
4.13 Transfer of Quality Practices PDF
4.14 Session Evaluation PDF



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