Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Social-Emotional Teaching Strategies

Session Evaluation Form


Please take a moment to provide feedback on the training that you received. Check the box that corresponds to your opinion for each statement or check N/A if not applicable. Please add any additional comments that you may have at the bottom of the page. When the survey is completed, leave it with your trainer.

Location: _________________

Date: ________________

Program Affiliation (check one):
❑ Head Start
❑ Early Head Start
❑ Child Care
❑ Other (please list)

Position (check one):
❑ Administrator
❑ Education Coordinator
❑ Disability Coordinator
❑ Mental Health Consultant
❑ Teacher
❑ Teacher Assistant
❑ Other (please list)

Please put an “X” in the box that best describes your opinion as a result of attending this training… Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
(1) I understand when and where the most “teachable moments” are related to social skills and emotional regulation.          
(2) I increased my understanding of why rules are essential for early childhood classrooms.          
(3) I can identify the criteria for developing rules with young children.          
(4) I can identify friendship skills and how to teach them.          
(5) I am able to define emotional literacy and identify five activities that build “feeling vocabularies.”          
(6) I learned new strategies to teach anger management skills to assist children in learning how to control anger and handle disappointment.          
(7) I understand the importance of teaching problem solving and am able to identify the four stages of problem solving.          
Please respond to the following questions regarding this training:
(8) The best features of this training session were...


(9) Suggestions for improvement...


(10) Other comments and reactions I wish to offer:



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