Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Social-Emotional Teaching Strategies

Putting It All Together Activity

What is the behavior? Why might Jack be doing this? What can I do to prevent this behavior? What new skills can we teach?
Jack keeps getting up and leaving circle He is bored
  • Give him a job during circle
  • Find out something he really likes and embed it into circle time
  • Make a choice board for who he sits by, what songs to sing, what books to read
  • Make a picture schedule that shows him when his favorite part of circle will happen
  • Have an adult sit next to him and encourage him for participating in circle
  • How to indicate when he is finished with an activity
  • Ability to attend for longer periods of time
  He doesn’t know what to do
  • Make a picture schedule that shows him the order of activities within circle
  • Prior to circle, use the picture schedule to explain to him what will happen in circle
  • Refer to the picture schedule during circle
  • Have an adult sit by him and talk to him about what is happening
  • Provide descriptive feedback for him while he is at circle
  • How to ask for help when he doesn’t know how to do something

She wanders around the room during centers without engaging in an activity for any length of time.



She hits other children




He is always taking toys away from other children




He gets really angry when he doesn’t get his way and will hit and kick those around him















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