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I go to Preschool (in the car)

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I Go to Preschool

Created by Rochelle Lentini, USF
Adapted 2004

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I ride to school in my car seat.

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When I get to school, I can say “Hi” to my teacher.

Most mornings, I eat breakfast at school with my friends.

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Sometimes I get sad because I miss my family. It’s ok, I will see them soon.

My family is busy at work, school, or home.

I can have fun playing at my school.

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On sunny days, we usually play outside.

I can ride a trike.

We sometimes play ball.

I can play in the sandbox.

I love swinging and running.

Sometimes, we play bubbles.

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I can go potty like a big kid.

Then, I wash and dry my hands.

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We do lots of fun things at school.

We sing with the teacher and listen to stories.

We play house, dress-up, instruments, and puzzles.

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I can do lots of fun things in the block area.

I can build with blocks, legos, and letters.

I can also play with trains, cars, and trucks.

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At art, sometimes I play with play-doh.

I also like coloring and painting pictures.

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My friends and I eat lunch.

I can bring something special from home to sleep with at school. Then I try real hard to nap nicely. My friends nap nicely too.

I also eat snack with my friends.

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Sometimes I get sad because I miss my family.  It’s ok, I will see them soon.

My teacher helps me feel better.  She tells me that someone will be here soon to pick me up and I can hold my special toy from home.

I can have fun playing at school.

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Someone will always come to take me home.

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Everyone is happywhen I play and have fun at school!

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Scripted Story Tip:
Please note that you can use real photographs with the line drawings for children that need this level of support.  For instance, next to the line drawings, you can glue or Velcro a photograph of the child’s school on the cover, use a photograph of the bus, use a photograph of the child in his car seat, use a photograph of the “something special from home”, etc.

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