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What we do in a Circle

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What Do We Do In Circle?

Created by Rochelle Lentini, USF
Adapted 2004
Created using pictures from Microsoft Clipart®and Boardmaker®

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Everyone can go to circle and sit on their seat.

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I can sit nicely and look at the teacher.

I can also listen with my ears and try to do what the teacher says.

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Sometimes it is hard for me to sit.  But I can look at my “sit picture” and try to remember to sit, like all my friends, at my seat.

If I get up off my seat, it is hard for my friends to see and have fun.

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When we are in circle, I need to have nice hands and try to keep my hands to myself.

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When the teacher talks, I sit nice and listen.

First the teacher points to me, then I can answer with words.

When the class sings, I can sing.

When the class dances, I can dance.

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The Circle Rules are
I sit on my seat.
I look at the teacher.
I listen, then do.
I have nice hands.

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Circle is fun when we all try to follow the rules.

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Scripted Story Tip:
Please note that you can use real photographs with the line drawings for children that need this level of support. For instance, next to the line drawings, you can glue or Velcro a photograph of the class sitting nicely in circle, the teacher talking/reading, the class singing, the class dancing, the child sitting, etc.

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Cut out “sit picture”, laminate, place rough Velcro on back side, and Velcro to carpet in front of child’s seat in circle.  This will act as a visual cue to the child.  The teacher can also pick up the picture to show and cue the child to sit.

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