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I Can Stay Safe

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I Can Stay Safe

Created especially for Brendan and Josh
Words by Rochelle Lentini and Picture Selection by Michelle Duda and Rochelle Lentini
June 2002

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Sometimes I think about going outside.

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When we are visiting friends or family, I need to stay inside while mommy or daddy are visiting.

Sometimes I want to go outside when we are visiting. 

I need to: 
Stay Inside!”

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If I stay inside, I stay safe and mommy or daddy knows where I am.

Inside, I can play with my “To Go Bag” of toys.

I can play with friends, with my brother, or by myself.

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If I want to go outside, I need to tell someone with my words.

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If I go outside alone, no one knows where I am.

Sometimes when people can’t find me, they can get scared and sometimes they cry.

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After I tell someone I want to go outside, I first need to hold hands, then go outside.

When I hold hands, I am safe.

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I can also tell people what I want to do outside.

Sometimes I want to swim or swing.

Other times, I might want to run, do bubbles, or ride.

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Sometimes I feel like exploring my neighborhood by going on a walk.

When exploring my neighborhood, I need to go with someone and hold hands.

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I should hold hands so I stay safe.

If I don’t hold hands, I could get hurt.

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Sometimes when I tell someone I want to go outside, he or she might say I can’t go outside.

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If I can’t go outside, I might get  sad or angry,  but I can go with the flow and play inside.

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I might be able to go outside… later or on another day.

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When I can go outside, I first hold hands, then we can go outside.

I can go outside with another person.

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Playing outside is fun for everyone when I have someone with me.
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