Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
I Can Use My Words

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I Can Use My Words

Created by Rochelle Lentini, USF
Adapted 2004

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Sometimes I forget to use my words.

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I can use words with pictures, with written words, or by talking.

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When I use words with people, they can understand what I am saying.

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Sometimes I want something I can’t have, but it may be a choice later.I can use my words and ask, “When can I use this?”

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Everyone is happy when I use my words.

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I can use words to tell people how I feel.  I say, “I am mad.”  or “I don’t like that.”  

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My family and my teachers can help me remember to use words.  

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I can use words to ask for help.I can say, “Help me please.”

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People can understand me better if I use words.

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People can have a hard time listening to me when I whine and scream.

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Whining and screaming can hurt people’s ears.

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When I whine, scream, or cry, people around me can get angry or upset.

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Everyone is happy when I use my words.

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Scripted Story Tip:
Please note that you can use real photographs with the line drawings for children that need this level of support.  For instance, next to the line drawings, you can glue or Velcro a photograph of two children talking, the teacher talking to a child, a child who is upset, a child who is happy, etc.

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